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My wife is a beautiful buxom woman and I daily meet other curvy pretty and attractive girls and older women. Many of them take unfortunately pains to lost their beautiful curves, influenced by distributed nonsenses, how bad looking and unhealthy is to look like a woman. And hereat just the same, which they are, they please to a lot of (rather the major part) of men and we like to stroke their roundness at least by eye. And that is the reason to found this pages. Today there is widely spread tasteles taste showing the body of a young growing up girl pretended to be an ideal, no the body of actually grown up woman and this should be at least little counterbalance.

  Buxom women and their admirers!  
I will be glad, if you help me create the content of these pages and to show together to our beautiful women and even men with by media deformed taste, how soft plump lady is just pretty and attractive, and to strengthen positions of men with natural taste.