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  Information for contributors  

  The orientation of pages  
is obvious, therefore only contributions concerning buxom and plump women will be made public; strictly erotic aimed texts and images of naked big women are not surely the qualification.

  We presume, that the sender of  
contributions has author rights to these materials, the agreement of their owner or the author of it is unknown, agrees with its free gratis distribution and all participated persons agree with its publication.

  We will not make public  
for example anything invective to buxom ladies and their admirers, contributions containing male homosexuality, expressive violence and such like unpalatables, piercing or tattoo on woman body or promotion of prostitution.

  We stipulate  
the right to judge the content of contributions, sort it and modify it without strong intervention to its content and optionally even not make it public them without the indication of the cause.

  We bind ourselves,  
that the information about any contributor will be made public only in the extent provided by him, even in a lesser extent, if he adduce it in the mail; we will send you after making it public the information, where you can find it; in the case the contributor will wish in the future, we will clear his contributions from our pages in the shortest possible term.

  Technicale requirements:  
use best common formats, as are text DOC, HTM, RTF, TXT, graphical GIF, ICO, JPG, PNG or videos MPG, WMV; you can use an other in the case of possible conversion.